The Reformed Lutheran Church of America is comprised of followers of Jesus Christ who have united under His Lordship in covenant commitment to one another and to our God. We joyfully and wholeheartedly submit to His authority as it is revealed to us in the Bible, through the creeds, and by sacred tradition, and through the speaking of the Holy Spirit.

Having carefully examined the Scriptures regarding the nature and purpose of the church and the principles whereby it is to be governed, we voluntarily submit ourselves to this constitution.

This denomination is organized to glorify God by conducting religious services and teaching and training people in the truth of God’s Word, Jesus Christ, through holy scripture—the Bible— calling people to repentance from sin, making disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, and edifying the Body of Christ through the administration of the sacraments and ordinances of God.

Knowing that the church has entered an ecumenical slumber, the Reformed Lutheran Church of America sees itself as a denomination in the historical line of churches born from the reformation—but rooted in the One Holy catholic and Apostolic Faith— with emphasis on the denomination understating it must grow and evolve meeting people where they are to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It is the vision of this denomination to be a nondogmatic form of Lutheranism which invites all to the table.

What sets us apart from other Lutheran denominations?

What is different about the Reformed Lutheran Church of America?

To answer these questions: The Reformed Lutheran Church of America’s non-dogmatic stance encourages its followers to bear the light of Christ into the world by being a church of real engagement, or real change and help, not just lip service. All are welcome to the table regardless of their personal creed. In service to our Lord, we acknowledge that all may come to the Communion Table not just the baptized faithful, as Jesus even served Judas at the table.

Following this tradition of extreme Christian hospitality, we encourage and allow the fullest spectrum of spiritual investigation among out communicants. In this denomination, you are allowed to search for the truth wherever you may find it. As long that search does not violate the innate dignity and worth of any human being on the planet, remembering that all bear the Imago Dei, or image of God.

For us, church is a relational not institutional. This denomination could care less about what you believe but instead we look at how you live out the Christian witness in the world.